The Team

Meet our Heroes! This amazing team of game geeks and designers made it possible to create a fun, exciting, and educative board game about energy transition and sustainability. With a passion for saving Mother Earth, they set to work to realize their sustainable dreams. 

JΓΆbke – Co-Founder and Designer
“I live by the rules.”
Yvonne – Head of Art
“I’m a bad loser, so I always win!”
Milo – Co-founder and Designer
“When you say left I am right.”
Vincent – Graphic Designer
“Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”
Floortje – Marketing and Communication
“Never won a single game of Monopoly in my entire life.
Wouter – Co-Founder and Designer
“Board game rules are guidelines.”
EsmΓ©e – Assistant Graphic Designer
“If you can’t win, you have to make sure you don’t lose.”
Frie – Strategic Planning
“Play your Power.”

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