Why make a board game about energy?

We are Jöbke, Milo, Yvonne and Wouter, and we are passionate about sustainable energy. Our generation has the challenge to create an “energy transition” from coal and gas to clean energies such as wind and solar energy. This is necessary in order to stop, or at least slow down climate change and keep our planet habitable for the future generations.

But, this is not as easy as it sounds, as we have learned in our jobs. To make people aware about this challenge, we have created an exciting board game: “GigaWatt”, with a very enthusiastic team in Amsterdam.

What is the game about?

In GigaWatt, players are European regions that compete to be the first economy on fully sustainable energy. You invest in energy plants, technology cards, battery storage and a European power network to trade electricity with other players. The challenge is to keep up with the growing electricity demand in your region, while keeping unpredictable production and demand in balance. Altogether your strategy needs to generate more profits than the other players, because closing down dirty coal and gas plants can only be done 1 by 1 through an auction.

The Team Behind the Game

Meet our Heroes! This amazing team of game geeks and designers made it possible to create a fun, exciting, and educative board game about energy transition and sustainability. With a passion for saving Mother Earth, they set to work to realize their sustainable dreams. 

Head of Art
“I’m a bad loser, so I always win!”

Co-founder and Designer
“When you say left, I am right.”

“They call me Magic Mayum”

Graphic Designer
“Don’t hate the player,

hate the game!”

“Anticipate the dice.”

Co-Founder and Designer
“Rules are guidelines.”

Strategic Planner
“Play your Power.”

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

And of course, we could not have made Gigawatt without the many many playtesters—a huge thank you goes out to everyone who contributed feedback and ideas! We had lot’s of fun testing and improving the game with the help of all you guys! And you kept us energized and motivated to bring this game to live!

Contact Us

Company information:

GigaWatt- Play for the Future B.V.

Address: Commelinstraat 23c, 1093TG, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Email: info@gigawattgame.com

Chamber of Commerce (KvK- nummer): 81630573