Our new board game is here: GigaWatt – Energy Revolution! A fast and easy version of the original, that lets you race to transition the energy system against other players in just 45 minutes. Reach out to us to make this part of your company end-of-year gift.

Each turn in this game you decide how far you want to push your luck, while you prepare for the other players’ moves, and build up to a climactic ending of the game. The cards in your hand let you build wind turbines, upgrade the power grid, install batteries for flexibility or close down a coal plant. 

So do you work at a company in the energy transition? Then this game can be an exciting end-of-year gift! Please reach out to

Price range is between 14-18 euro per game (ex VAT, volume dependent). 

Perfect as part of (end-of-year / Christmas) present – 2024

Customization possible for large volumes (your own brand identity)

30-45min playing time 2-4 players Age: 8+

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