Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game competitive or cooperative?

It is a competitive strategic game.

Can you screw over someone as you can in a monopoly?

One cannot screw over a co-player as hard as in the case of monopoly, but there is interaction in trade negotiations, an auction and with blocking cards.

Is there anything that has changed in the game from the kickstarter version?

The game stayed mostly the same. We have only made minor changes to design and balancing of the costs of power plants and tech cards.

When are kickstarter backers going to receive the game?

Our fulfilment partner, Meepleshipper, will start sending out the games to our backers from 1st of November.

Which country are the games being shipped from?

The games are being shipped from Belgium.

What is the difference between the Deluxe and Standard Version of the game?

The difference lies in 3 components of the game: the high voltage connection towers, the phase marker and the starting player token. All 3 items are made of cardboard in the Standard version and they are made of wood in the Deluxe version.

Are you looking for reviewers and translators?

Currently  we aren’t looking for translators. If you are interested in reviewing our board game, feel free to reach out to

Solution to fit Add-ons inside the box:

As far as fitting the add-ons inside the box is concerned, we have two solutions to that. The following pictures will help illustrate it further. 

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

In order to fit the wooden boxes along with the alternative money, you will have to remove one of the cardboard separators from inside the box.

How do I assemble the power plant box?

As you can see on the punchboards, the two power plant boxes can be assembled following the below instructions (4 steps). To assemble the parts in Step 3 you need to use more force than you may expect. The reason for this is that the slots do not always perfectly match. Make sure that you first assemble the two short outside walls, before assembling the inside wall. When you push them into each other you will end up with a slightly tilted side wall, as you see in the picture below. 

Why is my box not protected with plastic film?

As our game is about the energy transition, it is about pursuing a sustainable future. With that in mind we applied the same vision to the manufacturing of the game. As a result we have chosen to limit the use of plastic as much as possible, to avoid relying on fossil fuels and polluting the environment. For that reason we decided to close the box instead with two stickers. We acknowledge that this may result in minor travel marks once you receive the game. We do not want to use more material than necessary, as the function of the box is primarily to hold and preserve the game and secondary to be a pleasant object to look at.

Rulebook Clarifications

The rulebook doesn’t forbid selling green electricity cubes to an external market with green cubes and likewise for red electricity cubes. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Moreover, in order to empty external markets one is not supposed to sell any electricity cubes. One is supposed to wait until they are replenished in phase 3

There is only 2 hydro plants and 2 biomass plants per person in the game

The rulebook’s wording of this is not ideal- you do actually check the win condition based on what the weather dice did to your weather pawn (so the moved weather pawn). You return the weather pawn to the production pawn if the win condition is not satisfied.

You can download the PDF to the rulebook here